27 November 2012

What It's Like to be a Proofreader

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a writer, editor or proofreader, wanted to know what it entails, then you'll be pleased to know you can find out.

In addition to learning the subtleties involved in checking a manuscript, you'll also learn - perhaps for the first time - the 'side-effects' of the job, like not even being able to order lunch without the editorial hat perched upon your cranium.

A humorous, but very true, article can be read here.

9 November 2012

The Importance of Time Management

I would imagine that anyone who works for themselves will agree that time management is a big obstacle to productivity. Sometimes the Internet is too alluring and suddenly half the day has disappeared, and sometimes you get so focused on one project that you overlook all the other things you have to do. Either way, the end result is a lot of work that should have been done was ignored.